Displays grid with categories (recent or selected) with icons representing each category:

How to add icons to categories?t

In your wp-admin - Job Listings - Job Categories you'll see list of all your categories, just click any of them, and you'll be redirected to Edit screen, on this screen you can select icon using option "Font awesome icon for category" a put full path to your own image in "Custom image icon for category"


[box_job_categories hide_empty="0"  orderby="count"  order="DESC"  number="8"  browse_link=""  include=""  exclude=""  child_of="" ]


  • hide_empty - Whether to not return empty categories. 1 (true) - Default (i.e. Do not show empty categories ),  0 (false)
  • orderby - id, count, name (Default), slug, none
  • order - ASC (ascending - default), DESC (descending)
  • number - The maximum number of categories to return.
  • browse_link adds button with link to Browse Categories page - pass URL as value
  • include term ids to include, use coma to separate. Empty returns all.
  • exclude term ids to exclude, use coma to separate.
  • child_of Get all descendents of this job category. Default is 0. Note: child_of gets all descendants (as many levels as are available)