Displays list of jobs with short summary.

How to modify what is displ

In your wp-admin - Job Listings - Job Categories you'll see list of all your categories, just click any of them, and you'll be redirected to Edit screen, on this screen you can select icon using option "Font awesome icon for category" a put full path to your own image in "Custom image icon for category"


[jobs per_page="12"  orderby="none"  order="ASC"  show_filters="false"  show_categories="false"  show_pagination="false"  show_more="false"  show_description="false"  categories=""  job_types=""  featured="false"  filled="false"  keywords="" ]


  • per_page - how many items show per page
  • orderby - id, count, name - Default, slug, term_group - Not fully implemented (avoid using), none
  • order - ASC - Default,DESC
  • show_filters - true | false - show filter section
  • show_categories - true | false - show categories in filters
  • show_category_multiselect - true | false
  • show_pagination - true | false
  • show_more - true | false
  • show_description - true | false - if false shows just a title of job and basic values.
  • categories - show results just form specific category
  • job_types - how results just form specific job types
  • featured - True to show only featured, false to hide featured, leave null to show both.
  • filled - True to show only filled, false to hide filled, leave null to show both/use the settings.
  • location - Show jobs from specific locations
  • filled
  • keywords
  • selected_category
  • selected_job_types