How to separate blog posts from recipes in Chow theme

Since version 1.2.7 of Chow and 1.2.8 of FoodiePress it's possible to have Recipes separated from the Blog posts.

Originally, the idea for Chow was to have it mixed, but as it was requested by many buyers, you now can choose which way you prefer.

Before you start

Make sure to have backups of your WordPress and database, or at least export file with your posts. It might not be possible to revert the change, or some data connections might be lost.

If you're starting fresh blog

if you're starting fresh blog and just installed chow, it's just a matter of Enabling Recipe post type in Settings -> FoodiePress:

Save Changes and if you'll refresh you'll have new Recipe post type in you Dashboard 

If you already have content (recipes) created with Chow

In case you're updating from older version and already have a content you want to separate, follow the previous point to also enable Recipe post type.

When you've done it, you need to install plugin  Post Type Converter. On your Posts list page you'll have new button Convert

You need to filter your posts to show only the ones with recipes, select them, select Post type to Recipe, and hit Convert.

Now, by default your homepage if is set to display latest posts, will display just Recipes. 

To have Blog page you need to create new static page, name it eg. Blog and as Page Template use Blog Template:

The blog layout still can be set in Appearance -> Theme Options

If you'll have any problems, contact us at