2.1 Homepage layout

There are several combination of the homepage layout in Holomatic. We can divide homepage to two parts - Top section and Content section.

Top Section

Top section can be created using slider or posts grid. To configure it you need to go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Home Page.
The Home Top Section setting can be set to 3 ways:

  • none - nothing is displayed 
  • Featured Posts
  • Slider

Featured Posts


Photo Grid is created from posts with Featured Image added - you can select it to either take posts from specific categories, or select which posts exactly to display, for this you need to use "Featured posts - content type" option. If you choose "Show specific posts by ID" you'll have a Select box with drag&drop interface, you can rearrange the order of posts

Using Section Layout option you can change the style of photo grid - there are 2 rows with max 3 posts in each, all combination available. Photo Grid can 


to use and configure sliders you need to have HoloSlider plugin installed and activated. It's the required plugin included with the theme, so you should already have it activated.

HoloSlider is available in wp-admin menu - it will allow you to create two types of sliders - one is pre-selected posts, the other shows latest/random post. For the first one you have simple select box with drag&drop to choose posts for slider and their order, the other one lets you specify categories or tags from which you want to show slider posts.

There are 4 types of sliders, all presented on the screenshot above, you can change them any time in slider settngs:

Content section

The content - blog layout - can be set in Appearance -> Customize -> Blog Options

The Blog content style let you choose 4 different layouts - the default one is standard, three others:

the List Layout show 1st post as standard, and next posts in "mini" version with thumbnail and conent on the right - that might not apply to all post formats

the Magazine Layout displays posts from selected categories, using option 

you can create the content of your homepage - each Row can display posts from one category - on layouts with sidebar 2 posts are displayed, in full-width layout 3 posts. The title is also a link to category archive

It's good practice to add Featured Image to each post type, some of them are used in List or Magazine layout when there's no point to embed video or show quote as it will take too much space