Misc Content Shortcodes

Button shortcode:

[button color="green" url="#" icon="icon-ok" iconcolor="white"]Text[/button]


  • url link
  • color "color" (default), "gray", "dark"
  • customcolor "#000000" (any color hash)
  • iconcolor "white","black"
  • icon Font Awesome icon name
  • target "_blank"
  • customclass

Box shortcode:

[box type=error]Error!Please fill in all the fields required.[/box]


  • type "error", "notice", "warning", "success"

Highlight shortcodes:

[highlight style=""] text [highlight]

This will highlight wrapped text.


  • style "color" (default), "gray", "light"

Dropcap shortcode:

[dropcap type=""] A[/dropcap]		

Make first letter of paragraph larger than the rest of the text. As "type" you can use also 'full'.

Columns shortcodes:

Holomaticis based on modified Skeletons grid - Full width page has 16 columns, if it's page with sidebar it has 16 columns. Using columns shortcodes you can build your own layouts.

The important part of columns shortcode except the width is place. You have 3 options here - firstnone or last. If last is used, it's assumed that this column is last in current row and floats will be cleared. First  will set margin-left to 0px. If you have more than two columns you might want to use also place="center" - it will set margin left and margin right to 0px. It's good to try different parameters to find out what looks the best in specific situation.

[column width="one-third" place="first"]Put here content [/column][column width="two-thirds" place="last"]Put here content[/column]
  • width "1/3", "2/3", "sixteen" (default), "fifteen", "fourteen", (..), "two", "one"
  • place "first" (default), "center", "last", "none"
  • custom_class just adds custom class to the container div, handy if you want to style something in different way