Displays "carousel" box with pre-selected jobs

How do I set jobs as featured?

In your wp-admin - Job Listings - All Jobs you'll see list of all your jobs, there's a column with star icon - the featured jobs are marked with  ✔ . While editing each job in Job Data you can select checkbox "Featured Listing"


[spotlight_jobs featured="null" categories="automotive-jobs"]


  • hide_empty - Whether to not return empty categories. 1 (true) - Default (i.e. Do not show empty categories ),  0 (false)
  • orderby - id, count, name (Default), slug, none
  • order - ASC (ascending - default), DESC (descending)
  • per_page - The maximum number of categories to return.
  • title  - title of the section, by default it's Job Spotlight
  • visible - number of elements visible on each device size (standard pc, netbook, tablet, phone) - defaul is 1,1,1,1 which means only 1 job will be displayed. If you want to show 3 jobs on standard screen, and 2 on smaller, change to 3,2,1,1. etc
  • categories - list of categories slug separated by coma from which the jobs will be displayed
  • job_types - list of job types separated by coma from which the jobs will be displayed
  • featured - true to show only featured, false to hide featured, leave null to show both.
  • filled - true to show only filled, false to hide filled, leave null to show both/use the settings.