User registration in WorkScout explained

Since version 1.2.2 the registration system in WorkScout has been rebuilt. Here is how to set it up again.

There are now 4 ways to register. All settings related to registartion/login are now in Appearance -> Customize -> Login\Registration Options

The "Engine" can be 

  • WooCommerce
  • Ultimate Member
  • WorkScout (default)
  • Custom

WorkScout way

with this option you can have login/signup box in  pop-up box. To set it correctly, you need to create a static page named e.g Account that uses Page Template Login as Page Template (you can choose page template in page attributes in editor). The modal box uses AJAX. The password is auto-generated for user and sent via email - the downside of that option is that it's harder to customize the content of emails. There's a pluggable function workscout_wp_new_user_notification in workscout/inc/registration.php that you can overwrite in you child-theme

The "User Page" redirect to either Candidate Dashboard or Job Dashboard - depends on the role of user - the pages need to be configured in plugins settings. 

There's a filter "workscout_user_page_url" to change the link.

WooCommerce way

with this option you can have login/signup box in  pop-up box. It requires only properly configured WooCommerce installation. It uses the default WooCommerce login/sign up form. You can easily customize the emails that are send to users (woocommerce/templates/emails/). It's also compatible with various plugins for WooCommerce, like social login etc.

The "User Page" redirects to "My Account" page that now has buttons to open candidate/job dashboard. It's recommended if you're selling job packages as customer has easy access to his orders.

Ultimate Memberway

with this option the pop-up registration is not possible. It requires only properly configured  Ultimate Member installation. There's a plugin that extends Ultimate Member profiles with the Job Manager options


Here you can configure exactly what you need - which page should be used for login form, which for user page and which for sign up form. You can even put custom shortcode for the pop-up forms (although they might not work via AJAX out of the box - depends on the plugin). Use this option if you have some custom plugin you want to use for registration