Google Maps API key for WorkScout

All new websites created after June 22, 2016 are required by Google to use an API key to access the Google Maps API services. 

It is recommended for all sites regardless of creation date to add a Google Maps API key.

Browser Key

To generate your API key, you need to   access the Google Developer console. In the Google Developers Console, follow these steps:

Create Project

Generate API Key

It's important to add your website URL to " Accept requests from these HTTP referrers" field, make sure to add it as


this way all subdomains and subpages will be accepted. It sometimes takes couple minutes to have your site accepted. After adding it, click Create.

Copy API Key 

and paste it in Appearance -> Customize -> Maps -> API key

Enable APIs

Go to Overview -> Google APIs and click  Google Maps JavaScript API -  Enable the service.

APIs you need to enable to get full functionality of WorkScout are marked on this screenshot