Maps for Jobs

How to enable maps for Browse Jobs page.

Jobs map was introduced in WorkScout in version 1.3.

The map functionality is strictly connected with the jobs lists - the markers on the map are representing the jobs that are currently displayed on the page, and each change in job filters or searching by keyword is immediately updated on the map.

To enable map, in Appearance -> Customize -> Map Options, set Enable map on Jobs page to ON. Before you to that you need to fill the API keys, preferably both Server and Browser Keys. Instructions are here

Maps Options

Enable address autosuggestion and radius search - with this option enabled you'll have auto-suggest on all Location field 
it will also add Radius based search on Browse Jobs. This works by geocoding address to lattitude and longitude and using SQL Query comparing the distance to all your jobs. Depending on size of your job board it might be time consuming query (but we're talking about hundreds of jobs). You might also need to watch the Google Quotas page for your API request as there are various limits for that.

Map height - with this setting you can simply set the height of map on Jobs (and Resumes page)

Marker color - that sets the color for marker icons on map (applies also on Resumes page)

Autofit all job markers on map -  with this option enabled the map will set center point and zoom level to values that make all markers visible. If you want to set your own zoom level or custom center point, disable that option and it will give you two new options:

Set zoom with scrollwheel - if you enable this users will be able to zoom in and out the map with the scroll on the mouse, however this will block the page scroll if the mouse cursors is over map which might not be the best UX, that's why this option is set to OFF by default. Zoom level in that case can be adjusted using buttons on the map.